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How to purchase a Gun on the Internet
Frequently Asked Questions


Q. If I see a gun I like at Legendary Guns, and I live out-of-State, how do I purchase it?

A. Either call us or E-Mail us with a phone number. Some guns get much attention when first posted. We can hold a gun for a limited time with a small amount on a Credit Card.

Q. Do I have to pay tax if I buy a gun on the Internet?

A. Not in Arizona and not in most States. Unless you LIVE in Arizona. Arizona residents must add 8.3% sales tax. If a dealer who is to receive a gun for you from us tells you he must add tax, verify this with another dealer of your State government. There are legislators out there who are anxious to tax out-of-state sales but so far it is not common. Check with your local gun dealer.

Q. What types of payment do you take?

A. We prefer any major Credit Card. We do not charge a fee for the use of a Credit Card.  We also take Money Orders and Certified Checks. However, we will not hold a gun or remove it from the internet without some funds in hand. Some customers hold a gun with a non-refundable Credit Card deposit and send the balance with a Money Order. Most just pay the whole amount with a Credit Card. Without up front money to hold the gun, the gun is still considered up for sale until funds are secured.

Q. Do you have a Layaway for out-of-State residents?

A. Yes we do and it has helped many a customer get into the gun they want but don't have the ready cash to purchase. Our Layaway plan is simple: 1/3 down and 90 days to complete the sale. You may send incremental payment amounts or wait until the end. Layaway funds are not refundable. If circumstances require you to withdraw from the plan, you will be refunded 80% of the Down Payment OR 100% as an In Store Credit.

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Q. How much do you charge for shipping?

A. All handguns are shipped via US Priority Mail and in
most cases the shipping fee is $25.00 * . All long guns
are shipped via UPS and the shipping cost is $30.00.
Tracking numbers are provided upon request.

* Some States have higher shipping rates, like Alaska. A few dollars more may be need to ship one of those states. Another shipping factor is the carton needed to ensure the gun arrives safely. Some delicate antiques have special packaging needs.

Q. Once I decide you have the gun I want, what do I do?

A. Secure payment with us. Then, go to a local gunshop or a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) and tell them you are buying a gun from Legendary Guns and you want the local gunshop to receive the gun. They will need to FAX or mail Legendary Guns a signed copy of their FFL. Once we receive the FFL from your local dealer, we verify the license with ATF and ship the gun to your local gunshop FFL dealer. Attached to the gun carton will be an Invoice and FFL from Legendary Guns. Once they get the gun, they will have you come in and fill out the Federal 4473 form. A National Information Center (NIC's) check is done at that time. Some States require a hold. Naturally your FFL Dealer will need to comply with all Federal and Local laws.

Q. Are local State laws very different from State to State?

A. Yes. Check with you local FFL Dealer to see if the gun you desire is legal in your State.

Q. Will my FFL Dealer charge me a fee?

A. Probably. When a dealer handles the transfer of a firearm there are administrative requirements they must fulfill. Booking the gun into their shop, calling NIC's, completing the 4473, and handling the gun are normal things a shop will charge for. A fee may range from a few dollars to $50+. Call your dealer first and get the Transfer Rates.

Q. What if the gun is damaged in shipping?

A. Every gun we ship is insured. Rarely does a gun get damaged in transit. If it does, let the carrier know and let us know.

Q. What if the gun is not satisfactory?

A. We, like most reputable dealers, offer a three day inspection of a firearm. There are some exceptions but most issues are easily resolved. We have been in business over 20 years and have an outstanding reputation for customer service. In addition we have grown into one of the largest and more successful gunshops in Arizona. Our goal is to make sure the customer is satisfied with dealing with Legendary Guns.